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22 July 2010

103 Available Dictionary Words for .CO in Spanish and English

With a record number of .CO registrations this week, most premium English and Spanish words are already gone. Here is a list of the dictionary words I’ve come across, that are still available. I’ve provided the translations for those of you who might not be fluent in Spanish. Let me know if you end up registering any of these!

Spanish Words (avocado)
Baila .co (dance, intransitive verb)
Bandera .co (flag)
Banderas .co (flags)
Bombones .co (bonbons, truffles)
Brioso .co (spirited)
Campeonato .co (Championship)
Chalupa .co
Cien .co (100)
Ciento .co (100)
Companias .co (Companies)
Creer .co (to believe)
Crema .co (cream)
Danzas .co (dances)
Caricia  co (caress)
Enero  .co  (January)
Entera .co (whole)
Financiar .co (to finance, fund)
Frijoles .co (beans)
Garantia .co (guarantee, warranty) (Acoustic Guitar)
Hermosas .co (beauties)
Invento .co (invention)
Jabones .co (soaps)
Joyas de Oro .co (Gold Jewelry)
Joyas de Plata .co (Silver Jewelry)
JugodeNaranja .co (Orange Juice)
Lujos .co (luxuries)
Manzana .co (apple)
Manzanas .co (apples)
Patos .co (ducks)
Patria  .co (native country,  homeland, motherland) (female dog, b*tch)
Piedra .co (Stone)
Relojes de Lujo .co (Luxury Watches)
Rejuvenecer .co (to be rejuvenated)
SelvaTropical .co (Rainforest)
Sera .co (Will Be)
Talla .co (size) (theology)
Titular .co (title, (or profession, holder (as in a passport), headline, title) (van, minibus)

English Words
Apricots .co
Arranging .co
Assemble .co
Celery .co
Cheeseburgers .co
Chickpeas .co
Choking .co
ClassicBooks .co
Clicking .co
Conch .co
Converts .co
CowboyHat .co
Creme .co (alternate spelling)
Crying .co
DiscountSoftware .co
Drumset .co
Dumped .co
Eighty .co
Entrees .co
FictionBooks .co
Frosting .co
Gained .co
GamerNews .co
GamingNews .co
Grading .co
Graduations .co
Hazelnuts .co
Imported .co
Jacking .co
Jalapeno .co
JavaBeans .co
Kebabs .co
Learned .co
MalwareRemoval .co
Marshmallows .co
Moulds .co
MusicPlayer .co
Nuptials .co
Petrochemical .co
PianoMusic .co
Piping .co
Plantains .co
PuzzleGame .co
Risotto .co
Seventy .co
SpanishFood .co
SkiJackets .co
Sleigh .co
Spanglish .co
SportsNewsBlog .co
Sweats .co
Tamales .co
Timpani .co
Turkeys .co
WirelessModem. co

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