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21 August 2012

Tech Cocktail’s New Domain:

Tech Cocktail’s New Domain:

As first reported at TheDomains, yesterday, Tech Cocktail, which organizes and hosts networking events for startups and entrepreneurs in..

August 21, 2012
Top 10 Domain Conference Networking Tips

Top 10 Domain Conference Networking Tips

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of attending a conference like DOMAINfest, with a jam-packed agenda of three days of seminars,..

January 30, 2012
Local Domainer Events

Local Domainer Events

Happy New Year! 2011 has gotten off to a great start for me, and I hope it’s going well for everyone else, too. One of the awesome..

January 17, 2011

Get More Followers With This Simple Change to Your Contact Form

I am always on the lookout for ways to seamlessly integrate networking into content and improve user engagement, so I was pretty excited..

August 24, 2010

DOMAINfest Part II: Small Groups and Some of the People I Met

With Chef Patrick of Moniker and Craig Rowe of WhyPark at Domainfest This part of my report from Wednesday’s DOMAINfest Networking..

August 20, 2010

How I Made Friends with the Guy Who Registered a Domain 5 Minutes Before I Did

Sometimes things turn out well when you least expect them. While browsing NameClerk’s list of 884 Available Keyword Domains last..

July 12, 2010