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19 August 2012

My First Two Years in Domaining

My First Two Years in Domaining

This summer marks my second anniversary in domaining, and since I missed the one-year mark last year, I’ve decided to do a..

August 19, 2012

Tracking Responses to End-User Emails

As I mentioned before, I sent out over 145 emails to travel companies in Germany about the name I have in auction right now. Toutapp is..

September 16, 2010

DomainFest in the News: Moniker Live Auction on CNN

There have been more mentions of the domain industry in the mainstream news this summer more than ever before, and CNN’s recent..

August 23, 2010

Mike Mann Sells Flying.CO for $3500…(Insert “Crickets” Here)

Mike Mann’s sale of of Flying.CO was announced through the Twitter grapevine today, and at first, I thought it was a typo. He is a..

July 26, 2010