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12 August 2010

Checking Out the German ccTLD Bids on Sedo

My new pastime is scouring the Market Activity pages and domain catalog at Sedo. I’m mostly looking to see what German names have received offers. Every once in a while I’ll come across what I think is a decent keyword (in terms of searches), but then I’ll look it up on Sedo to see that only 1-2 of the names containing that word have offers.

Sedo Domains

I’m looking for industries and search terms that have several pages of domains with bids. For example, the word “entwicklung,” which means “development,” only yields about 15 names with bids (I should note that I’m specifying German as the language, and searching by keyword, not category). Anything involving renewable energy and solar power, in particular, is REALLY hot in terms of the German market. has a whopping 47 bids, and the list goes on with 6 pages of names that have received at least one bid.

Now, I should clarify that it’s important to not get too carried away with all of this information, because those bids aren’t necessarily representative of how hot those keywords are right now—they’re the total number of bids have gotten over several years of being listed on Sedo. Also, those bids are not binding, and there’s no guarantee that they were placed by real buyers. It also doesn’t convey anything about the price of those bids. Multiple bids could also mean multiple bids of $xx or low $xxx.

I wouldn’t go making purchasing decisions based solely on this info, but it is interesting to note. It also helps me gauge the demand for different extensions in Germany. Of course, .de is still on top, but I’m also seeing .info, .net, and .org names with bids. Of these, .info seems to have been embraced the most by Germans.

It’s a little hard to relate to the value of some of the names. For instance, “,” (carnival/parade songs) which has 34 bids. Germans have a festive season called “Fasching” before Lent, which is basically the German version of Mardi Gras, and involves a lot of city-wide parades. I’m sure there are traditional songs that are used for such occasions, but I had no idea they would be THAT popular.

On a side note, “” (Christmas Songs) has had 22 offers. I registered The .CO and .BIZ versions without the number are listed, but the suffix “24″ is very popular in Germany, and the .de is always going to win out against those other extensions.

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