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20 July 2010

.CO General Availability Opens Today

The .CO extension goes live for General Availability at 2pm EST today, and they already announced their first big sale – Overstock bought for $350,000. It seems like companies are picking up on the brandability of .CO, so it will be interesting to see if the general public embraces it or not.

Those of you who pre-ordered names that were snapped up during Sunrise and Landrush probably got the same email I did yesterday. DomainMonster said that 29 of my names were unavailable and had already been reserved, including premium words like “aguardiente” (a popular beverage in Colombia), “schmuck” (“jewelry” in German), and “abogados” (lawyers).

Here are a few of the ones that I didn’t get:

I will post an update later today, as soon as I hear about the rest of the names I pre-ordered. For the latest news on what .CO names people have gotten, keep an eye on this thread, and follow me on Twitter. Good luck everybody!

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