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13 July 2010

Countdown to .CO General Availability on July 20th

With less than a week to go until .CO names become available to the general public, if you’ve placed a pre-order for a name, you’re probably anxious to find out if your registration was successful. The reviews on .CO are mixed – some domainers who’ve been around to see several landrush periods come and go aren’t subscribing to the hype, and are adopting a “wait and see” attitude. The .CO is the official extension of Colombia, but is open to the registrants worldwide. At this point, the early Sunrise period for trademarked names has ended, and Landrush was recently extended after 1,500 rejected names were released, including some great generics.

Only time will tell whether .CO will have global reach (as opposed to primarily being associated with its country, like the German .DE). It’s a great opportunity to secure secondary domains for brand protection (for your .COM), and I’m sure there’s a lot of typosquatting going on.

Personally, I’ve limited my pre-orders to a few names, in both English and Spanish. I did some research on Colombia and its major industries, and threw in a few generic English and German words and Geo names for good measure. I didn’t do Landrush, which means I’m rolling the dice on whether the registrar I signed up with will be able to secure my pre-ordered names in the first few seconds once General Availability opens. I’ll have plenty of competition, including people who might have pre-ordered those names with at other registrars, plus anyone who placed a Landrush order (which gets priority, and gets sent to auction if several people are vying for the name).

I’ll have a review of the entire process and will post some of my names once I find out on July 20th. I’ll be happy if I get a few of the names. .CO may not be the second coming of .COM, but it sounds a million times better than “.cc” and “.ws,” so I’m betting it won’t be a complete bust. Cross your fingers.

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