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01 February 2012

KeyDrive S.A. Acquires Moniker/Snapnames

In a deal first announced on DomainNameNews, Luxemburg-based KeyDrive S.A. has acquired domain registrar Moniker and its sister site, auction platform Snapnames. KeyDrive includes, the 11th largest ICANN registrar worldwide, and,, and

Moniker, which was a part of the family of companies, has consistently ranked in the Top 10 largest registrars worldwide. The deal has not been formally announced, aside from a mention on KeyDrive’s website. Although I can’t speculate as to whether the recent exits of Moniker staffers, among them trusted Account Executives Bari Meyerson and Don Lyons, had anything to do with the deal, it has been pretty clear that there have been changes underway at Oversee and Moniker over the last year. The company lost over 800,000 names in 2011, with a lot of investors pulling out and moving names elsewhere in light of privacy breaches, poor management, and the firing of staff members.

Michael Berkens first hinted at the possibility that the companies might be for sale in this post from January 9, 2012. We’ll continue to update as more information becomes available.

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