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05 September 2010

Labor Day Weekend Update

Hi, everyone – I’m still here! I apologize for the lack of posts this week. I don’t know how the veteran bloggers do it—where do you get the time to sit down and write everyday?  Anyway, I’m realizing that it’s something I have to make time for, because I know people are stopping by and hoping to see some new content.

I’ll be writing a couple of posts tonight, after my two (yes, two!) wedding ceremonies are done today. I’m a wedding musician on the side, so my weekends are usually busy.

Upcoming post topics include the importance of listing your names in more than one marketplace (i.e., Sedo, Buy Domains & Afternic, etc.), my final thoughts on two CRM programs that can help you while you’re contacting end-users, and why you should take everything you read on domain forums & blogs (including this one, and the veterans) with a grain of salt.

Thanks for reading! Updates coming soon.

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