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17 January 2011

Local Domainer Events

Local Domainer Events

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Happy New Year! 2011 has gotten off to a great start for me, and I hope it’s going well for everyone else, too.

One of the awesome things about the last few weeks is that I’ve been able to connect with a couple of local domain investors. Washington, D.C., is a place that attracts a lot of movers and shakers, so it’s no surprise that some of the world’s most elite domainers—including Mike Mann (Codom Holdings, LLC) and Nat Cohen (Telepathy, Inc.) live here.

A few weeks ago, Alex Ripps, an attorney and the brains behind, Domainer Nation, LostBlog, and other projects, contacted me over Twitter. We met up for dinner last week—sushi, of course—and it was great to have someone to talk shop with. I’ve made several domain friends in the last year, but because we all live in different cities, our conversations are limited to the phone and email.

In short, it’s awesome to have someone else to geek out with.

There are a LOT of domain events coming up this year, but we all know that conferences can be expensive. If you can’t make it out to one of the big conferences, there might be something local you can attend.

Reach out to local developers and investors on Twitter, and not just because you want to sell them some names. People will be more apt to listen to what you have to say if it doesn’t come across as a sales pitch.

Here are some upcoming events and groups you can join:

Jan. 25 – Portland Domainers Kickoff Event, Portland, Oregon 6-10pm at Vie De Boheme
To attend, email or

Feb. 26-27 – Rocky Mountain Domain Conference, Denver, CO
Registration and agenda available at RMDC.CO
Includes guest speakers Braden Pollock of, Morgan Linton, Sharon Hayes, and an optional ski trip!
For questions, contact Mike Law:

Southern California Domaining Meetup
Events scheduled throughout the year
For questions, contact organizers Jason Thompson (@DNPimping) or Morgan Linton (@domainvestors)

South Florida Domainers
Events scheduled throughout the year
Contact Mike Ward (@BocaNames) or Chef Patrick (@ChefPatrick)

DC Domainers – Site in progress, events scheduled throughout the year
Contact Alex (@AlexRipps) or Nadia (@DomainSushi)

Chicagoland Area Domainer & Developer Group
Join Discussion Group at NamePros
Started by Vito (@TheDotStop)

TBA August 2011 – DOMAINfest’s Power Networking Day in New York
More affordable than the longer conference, this one day event includes panels, guest speakers, an auction, and great networking opportunities.

It’s amazing how much you can learn from other industry professionals. Make it a point this year to reach out and network in your own backyard.

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