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26 July 2010

Mike Mann Sells Flying.CO for $3500…(Insert “Crickets” Here)

Mike Mann’s sale of of Flying.CO was announced through the Twitter grapevine today, and at first, I thought it was a typo. He is a premium investor who is, strangely enough, located in my neck of the woods, and has the best .CO portfolio of anyone out there. Business.CO, Men.CO, and Lingerie.CO are some of his holdings, and they’re all priced in the $100-250K range.

So why sell Flying.CO for $3500?

I’m sure he had his reasons, but unless this ends up being one of those names that is flipped for 10x a couple of years down the road, it could end up spelling bad news for .CO investors. Based on the keyword alone, if a premium name like Flying.CO went for $3500, the rest of our little pigeon turd scraps will hardly be worth $19.95 in the bargain bin.

(Of course, I hope that’s not the case.).

In other news, I got lucky and stumbled across Ithaca.CO this afternoon, which was a name I didn’t bother to research, because I know several people who attended Cornell and Ithaca College. I also selected which two domains I’m going to develop next, which I will reveal at a later date because I’m changing some things around. One is a .US and one is one of my .COs from this week. Both will sell products through Amazon Associates stores. I’m very excited about moving forward with these projects, and will post my progress as I develop the sites.

Finally, I’ve uploaded most of my .CO names to Sedo, although they’re not appearing in the Marketplace yet. I’m also looking into Afternic and several .CO Aftermarket sites that domainers have launched to help people get the word out about their available names. It’s all about exposure, and in order for the right buyer to come across your domain, you can never have enough.

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