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03 October 2010

October is Here – Get Organized!

October is here and I’m finally back from tour, which means that it’s time to buckle down and start selling some domains. I’ve had a few more offers roll in for some of my German names at Sedo, which is promising.

One of the things I’m doing this month is focusing on doing everything more efficiently, and getting organized. I don’t know how Elliot Silver and Morgan Linton do it, but they are supreme multitaskers, and make it look easy. I, on the other hand, am somebody who always has a half dozen things going on at once, but every once in a while, I start to panic. Last week was one of those weeks—between networking with people online, responding to inquiries on my names (some of which involved translating emails into German, which always takes me a while), and dealing with the rest of my day, I started to feel like I was losing it.

As Morgan likes to say, “work smarter, not harder.” It’s time to get organized.

Here are a few of the changes I’m making:

  • Have a central list of domains I’m considering buying: this is an obvious one, and something that a lot of people probably already do. But I’ve been a little scattered in terms of writing down names I’m thinking of buying. As I come across names I think are interesting, I add them to a text file. The problem is, they’re not categorized in any way, so it’s often difficult for me to go back and find things, and at the end of the month, I have 4-5 text documents with lists of random domains. I’m going to start adding names to a single Excel file instead—that way I can keep track of everything in one place.
  • Print out my entire portfolio somewhere where I can see it: this is a quirk of mine, but I tend to forget some of my names. I have a space above my desk on my wall where I usually post important reminders, so I think I’m going to post a list of all my domains. It’s a little old school, but it works. I’ve actually looked up a domain before and been pissed that it was taken, only to look it up in DomainTools and find out that I own it. That was when I knew things had gotten out of control. :-)
  • Focus on selling domains in batches: Again, this seems obvious, but I was reminded of it this week when @Tritekdomains on Twitter said that’s how he manages his sales. Don’t try to sell all of your domains at once—it’s impossible. Have 5-7 domains in the pipeline at any given time, and only focus on those.

I’m also looking into online accounting programs like Rhino and Quickbooks. I already have a similar place to track financials for my music business, but I need to be organized in the same fashion with domains. Keeping track of expenses & sales every month makes it much easier when taxes are due.

On another note, I came across my first example of a .NET redirecting to a company’s .CO tonight while researching endusers for a domain I’m brokering. SNSCO is an asset management firm, and their original website, SNSCO.NET, is now redirecting to the .CO.

I’m sure the fact that their company name includes the letters “co” had something to do with it, and I have to say that I find the current URL more aesthetically pleasing than the .NET.

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