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24 November 2013

You Can Seek Advice from Domain Experts on Clarity.FM

While looking for advice related to a specific WordPress plugin I was interested in using, I visited WP expert Chris Lema’s blog, and noticed a call-to-action box in the sidebar that said users in need of advice could schedule a time to chat with Chris on Clarity.FM. Intrigued, I clicked through, and I wanted to share this great platform for domain investors to be able to seek out business advice.

Clarity, which raised $1.6M in seed funding in December 2012, puts you directly in touch with experts across a variety of fields and allows you seek their advice on a pay-by-minute basis. The company was founded by Dan Martell and has been backed by Mark Cuban, 500 Startups, Baseline Ventures, and others.

There are several prominent domain investors listed on the site. For $6.67 a minute, you can ask well-known domainer Frank Michlick about ICANN and registry-related questions. Outcome Brokerage’s Ryan Colby is also on the site, and for $7.08/min he will consult with you on premium domain acquisitions and divestments.

If you have startup-related questions, you’ll be happy to know you can talk to Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, for only $16.67/min, or TechCocktail’s Co-founder and executive editor, Frank Gruber, for only $5/min.

Questions to Dallas Mavericks owner and investor Mark Cuban will cost you a pretty penny, at $166.67/min., or $10,000 an hour.

Personally, I think it would be neat to see domain industry veterans like Frank Schilling, Rick Schwartz, and Ron Jackson on there, as well as well-known bloggers like Elliot Silver and Morgan Linton. (Incidentally, Elliot announced this morning that he’s launching his own Q&A style Mail Column on, which will replace

How many of us have been in the position of having novice domainers, or business owners, wanting to “pick our brains”? Quite often, what’s supposed to take a few minutes turns into a longer conversation, which can be costly when you have other projects that need attention. Clarity offers a nice way to structure those conversations, for those who can’t afford to dish out free advice.

Clarity allows anyone to sign-up as an expert, and once your profile is created, you can add “endorsements” of your expertise through LinkedIN. The site takes a 15% service fee for every call completed, and gives experts the option of donating their time to charity. They’ve also launched Answers, a Quora-style Q&A platform where experts from a specific industry can weigh on questions posted by users.

You can sign-up and search for experts at Clarity.FM.

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