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21 August 2012

Tech Cocktail’s New Domain:

Tech Cocktail is Now

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As first reported at TheDomains, yesterday, Tech Cocktail, which organizes and hosts networking events for startups and entrepreneurs in different cities across the country, announced that they have a new home: The shorter, hipper, and “significantly more baller” (in the words of Marketing Director Zach Davis) address is part of a partnership with .CO, which has strived to position itself as the alternative extension for startups through joint initiatives with Startup America,, and Startup Weekend.

Luckily, the Tech Cocktail brand isn’t changing at all – which is a good news, since their existing name has achieved the enviable trifecta of being unique, memorable, and perfectly encapsulating the sort of events they do.

Moves like this can be risky, as the folks at Overstock learned with their prolonged experiment in 2010, which cost the company millions of dollars and prompted them to abruptly reverse course and revert back to their .com the following year. However, Overstock was dealing with a much different (and larger) audience, one that isn’t particularly tech-savvy and would require a massive marketing campaign in order to embrace a sudden shift to an alternative extension.

If Overstock was .CO’s biggest disappointment to date, could be it’s biggest achievement. Tech Cocktail has capitalized on .CO’s visibility within the startup community and at industry events like SXSW, and this move comes at a time when sites like,, and are popping up all over the web. The team at .CO has proven that they have out-hustled and out-marketed all of the other new extensions of the last few years, and although the shortened domain may be a temporary move for TechCocktail, I think it’s a gutsy one.

Congrats to the team at Tech Cocktail and .CO, and if you’re in D.C., check out Tech Cocktail’s Mixer & Startup Showcase this Wednesday, Aug. 23 at the Artisphere.

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