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24 July 2010

Weekly Roundup: .CO Madness and My List of Names

This has to have been one of the most exciting—and exhausting—weeks for domainers in quite some time. To say that people “went nuts” over the release of .CO is putting it lightly. To date, there have been over 300,000 .CO domains registered, with many premium keywords gone within hours.

How Tuesday went for you depended on who your registrar was, and how many of your pre-registered names you ended up with. Most of the feedback from was disappointing, with one guy just finding out out his pre-registrations yesterday. Enom and Tucows did quite well, from what I can see. DomainMonster came out on top by securing over 90% of its customers’ names, according to this press release, but at first, it looked like GoDaddy had taken the lead. Most of the names I looked up in Whois.CO in the first few minutes of general availability were registered by GoDaddy, whereas most of my names with DomainMonster were processed around the third minute.

It seems to have taken GoDaddy a few days to sort everything out and email people about refunds and names they didn’t get, but the good news is that those “Congratulations, we were able to secure your name” emails that were followed by “Oops, no we didn’t” hours later during the .ME landrush were avoided. I think everyone would rather wait a few hours, or days, to find out instead of having the rug yanked out from underneath them.

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the customer service at Domain Monster, and ended up with some good names.

I’m roughly dividing them up in my head into ones that might make viable sales in the next year, and ones I’m going to hang onto for a while. This last group includes 3L’s, NNN, a few female names, and premium Spanish words. I’m not going to post the entire list, but here are a few of the best ones I ended up with:

  • 855 . CO
  • Anna . CO
  • Argollas .CO (Spanish for ‘wedding rings’)
  • Auto Refinancing. CO
  • Cirugia .CO (Spanish for ‘surgery’)
  • Colorado Hotels .CO
  • Creditos Hipotecarios .CO (‘Mortgage Loans’)
  • Cubicles .CO
  • Digital Watches .CO
  • Divorcio .CO (Spanish for ‘divorce’)
  • Mortgage Lending .CO
  • Online Investment .CO

I did make a few impulse buys at GoDaddy which thankfully, I was able to grace delete, but there are a few Geos I can’t seem to part with:

  • Vernazza .CO
  • Bari .CO
  • Tulum Mexico .CO
  • Quintana Roo .CO

Vernazza is one of the towns in the Cinque Terre in Italy, which I visited and fell in love with in 2003. Cinque Terre was already taken. Bari is a city in southern Italy and one of the most important economic centers in that region, second to Naples. Tulum .CO (a gorgeous tourist destination in the Yucatan Peninsula, two hours south of Cancun) was one of my pre-registrations that I didn’t get, so I got TulumMexico .CO instead. Quintana Roo, which I was surprised was available, is the state in Mexico that includes Cancun, Cozumel, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Isla Mujeres.

What did I lose out on? I wasn’t able to secure my first name (which went to someone in New York), my last name (which went to a guy in Lisbon, Portugal), or several premium words I’d had in my list. However, I’m happy with the ones I ended up with, and I’m excited to get started developing them.

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