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06 August 2010

What I’m Up to This Week…

It’s no secret, like many domainers, I have a second career. Mine happens to be in a non-office environment, as a musician in the United States Army Band. It’s a great job—it allows me to do what I love, paid off my student loans, and affords me the free time to pursue other interests.

For the next week, I have two rehearsals a day because I’m a featured performer in the band’s annual 1812 Overture concert at the Sylvan Theater on the National Mall on August 17th. I’m performing a piece that was written especially for me, titled “Brazilian Holiday” that is based on folk songs from Brazil, where my father is from. Needless to say, I’ll be playing in front of a large crowd right by the Washington Monument, so I really need to be prepared.

If there are decreased posts and tweets this week, that’s why. Don’t worry, I’ll still be around – I just need to prioritize and devote most of my attention to my music this week. Now that I’m thoroughly addicted to Twitter, I’ll still be keeping up with everyone’s tweets!

Here’s what else is new:

  • I’m testing the Category Showcase feature at Sedo to promote some of my domains, to see what sort of impact it has on traffic. They’re mostly .de names, which are being targeted toward a German audience. One of the names is, which is featured under the general “Computers” category, as well as under “Computers: Hardware”.
  • On August 18th, the day after my concert, I’m attending the DomainFest mini-conference in NYC. It’s my post-concert reward to myself, and I’m looking forward to kicking back in NY for a couple of days. If you know of anyone who’s going, drop me a line. Most of the NY domainers already know each other, and it would be nice to connect with people before the actual conference.

    After DomainFest, I a MUCH lighter schedule to look forward to, as well as a 3-week tour to Pittsburgh, Cincinnatti, and Grand Rapids, MI, in September that will give me some much-needed downtime to contact end-users and put myself through a self-conducted “Domaining Crash Course,” including reading everything I can get my hands on from DNJournal, Morgan Linton, Elliot Silver, Bruce Marler, and others.

    Details to follow!

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